Worldwide Splitters 60 days Challenge

I love flexibility challenges and sponsoring good things. When i found Worldwide Splitters Network challenge i knew this is what i have to support :) More info about Worldwide Splitters and actual challenges: the public facebook group Worldwide Splitters – meeting zone

In January i found their Backbend challenge 4 days after it was already running so i joined the group but haven´t really participated in the challenge. Now the April – May splits challenge was announced in a good time so i was looking forward to start both as a member and to support as a sponsor. And here we go!

Here is my picture from the first day. My baby cheering me up to go down.


Info about me as a sponsor and special April offer

Online exercise and individual plans:
I´m helping people to kickstart weight loss in a healthy way, get in shape and keep it off forever. I provide online consultations (nutrition, training, work/family balance, sleep, time management) and exercise according to individual needs via Skype (personally in Denmark with progress tracking on a body analysis machine InBody230).
I guarantee the results! Current waiting time is around 3 months for individual programs.

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SPECIAL OFFER whole April for Worldwide Splitters members ONLY:
I´m independent Forever Business Owner, working with the global company who is the biggest producer of highest quality Aloe vera on the market! We have huge natural range of the products in healthy lifestyle – fitness, beauty, wellness, animal care. Check what do i have online, select your country:

For the splitters challenge I´m giving 2 x Aloe drinking gel and 2 x Heat Lotion as prizes as a sponsor!
I´ve seen in the files about soreness, maybe it would be useful for many of you to have some of the products already now to get easier through the challenge. Therefore i decided to give great discounts for you, splitters.

I offer 20% discount for everything from my shop in April.

What you will love mostly during the 60 days challenge:


1. Heat lotion cream – muscle relaxer.. amazing heating and relaxing. Can be used before
exercise to warm up and to relax
after exercise or before going to the bed.

2. MSM gel – for sore muscles and joints, overloaded or injured. Great in combination with Heat lotion.

3. Aloe drinking gel – all the advantages would be for very very long post, but most important it´s giving you a lot of energy, helping absorbing of nutrients from your food and regeneration is much faster. We need that for the challenge!

4. C9 package – 9 days program where is recommended every day 30 minutes light exercise – i think we all do it during the challenge. People usually lost 3 – 7 kg during this programme. If you want to get also better body shape so your great splits looks even better, maybe this 9 days weightloss kickstart can be something for you. Before you start you will get a free consultation and individual adjustment of the plan so the program fits exactly to you to get the best results. And full online support during whole program.

5. Lavender oil, relax bath salt, supplements.. check more on or PM me on facebook and i will help you to choose the best products for you.

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and write a comment on the pinned post in Woldwide Splitters Network or tag me on your progress album. The offer is only for Worldwide Splitters and is worldwide – for all countries :)

Happy splitting!



I´m also official sponsor of Ruzenka Halamkova and Veronika Rehorova – the Single woman category and Doubles category gold WINNERS World Pole Sports Championships 2015 in London. They love my products and i´m sure you will be happy for them too!


E-book project volunteers: thank you for inspiration!

I want to say a big thank you to all 16 volunteers who came to me in last 2 weeks for consultation. I´ve collected a lot of great material for my e-book about loosing weight. Now is time to put it in the computer. 12640469_10208330599839996_3341744397709343943_o

I wish all of you to get the best results. Some of you will jump with full energy and get the new habits into daily life, some of you decided to kickstart the healthy lifestyle with my 9 days program and some of you will continue as before without any change.

I´m looking forward to see your results when we meet again!


InBody 230 finally in Herlev!

I´m happy to announce that i finally bought the InBody 230 machine :)

Here are some details and booking calendar in the end:

The InBody230 is the most advanced product in the market, trusted by top hospitals, gyms and professional sports teams because of its precision and ease of use. The InBody Test is fast, accurate and non-invasive, and looks beyond the scale to show you what you’re made of.

Accurate body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds

The InBody 230 provides essential data for any weight loss and fitness program providing a quick analysis of body composition as well as segmental muscle and body fat analysis.  The InBody 230 uses 10 impedance measurements by using 2 different frequencies to provide the following information:

  • Total Body Weight


    InBody 230 in Herlev

  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Total Body Water
  • Percentage body fat
  • Waist hip ratio (WHR)
  • Segmental lean mass
  • Segmental fat mass
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Fat Control
  • Muscle control
  • Exercise planner
  • And plenty more

The advantage of the InBody 230 is the ability to install, move and disassemble the machine which can also be carried in a carry bag easily.
If you want to borrow the machine for your studio or event, contact me.

The InBody 230 scanner allows you or your trainer/health professional to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition.

Do you know anyone planning to loose weight from the new year? What about gift certificate for body analysis to get the person motivated and help to focus on the right direction?

  1. Body analysis with explanation
    15 minutes 149,- kr.
  2. Body analysis with explanation and consultation over your results how to get the results you want.
    1 hour, normal price 1000,- kr. kickstart special price 249,- kr.!

Book a date and time for InBody analysis:

Looking forward to see you!


How to find time

Do you sometimes feel you don´t have time? No time for exercising, earning money, cleaning, relax, going to the ZOO with kids?

Very often people are asking me how i can manage being a mommy, have a job, own business, exercise, look good and be positive all the time. I decided to share my “secret” system.

I have two news for you. Good and better one. The good one is: You have 24 hours daily.

And the even better is that you can use your time effectively. Let´s have a look how.

We need a paper, a pen and a mobile to check the time.

First step: decide for what you want the time and how much time do you miss.

Now take the pen and a paper and write down what would you do if you hade time. Write like a list, one activity, one line.


  • Exercise (loose weight, get in shape, get fit, increase energy)
  • Start to eat healthy
  • Relax (stress reduction)
  • Learn handstands (just for fun or to proof yourself you can learn something new)
  • Read books
  • Make money (find a job, start own business)
  • Write a blog

Now write down how much time daily/weekly you need for the activity.

Second step 
is to have a look at actual situation and using of your time. Write down during a whole day what and how long you do what. Now you maybe think – “I don´t have time to go to toilet and i should spend my time by writing?” Well, yes :)

Honest writing and tracking will show where you can use your time better and it will force you how to make it better.

Third step is evaluation – how much time you just spent on facebook, on the phone, or trying something not necessary what is taking your expensive time?
Be honest to yourself. Think which activities don´t bring you nothing useful. What do you have from complaining on the phone to your friend how the life is unfair? What is bringing you reading or sharing hoax messages compare to use your time for something you really want? Do you have a TV? Do you watch TV? And so on.

Congratulation, you just found a lot of time to use effectively!

Step number four 
is a plan what you will do better. Let´s go back to the paper with a list of activities you want to do and decide what exactly – ONE thing – you will start to do and how much time you will use for it. Begin with the one which looks most difficult but you consider it as the most important. Yes, for example to start exercise. More activities does not have sense, you would give up all of them in a few days.

Step five – ACTION! Be stronger then your excuses why it is not possible. Start doing what you planned. In step three you found hidden time gap, so put the new activity there :)
First when new activity works good for a whole month, go again to the list and start again from step 2 – decide what you want to do, write down how you use your time, evaluate your efectivity, choose the new thing and replace not effective time with desired activity and DO IT.

And let me know if it helps :) 

My story how i found this system:
Few days after my baby was born, he was not growing as he should. I had to wake him up every 3 hours to feed him. I started to write down the hours when i should feed the baby and how long he was eating.
Newborn baby also needs to change diaper all the time. And someone has to cook, shop and clean. I didn´t know what´s my name and i needed to know what´s going on. My boyfriend changed the diaper to the baby few times, washed the dishes once, cleaned the appartement few times and he started to reproach me that he is doing everything all the time. I was exhausted, sleep deprivated, feeling like a slave, afraid if everything will be ok, totally desperate and i heard this. I started to write down on the paper between the feeding tracking every activity i do.

Yes, the original purpose was to show to my boyfriend how unfair he is to me.
But something happened. By writing i started to think and optimize my activities. I counted and i found out that I´m spending more then 8 hours daily only by feeding the baby. That ment i should get a comfortable chair and make a nice place with pillows where i can spend this long time with the baby. Then to prepare books to read or do something on the computer while i feed the baby… to make my timing better – i can plan what to do next while baby eats… And it worked!
With a baby everything is changing how the baby grows, then i needed to get into a shape again. I did the same steps as before – writing down how do i spend my day and found a time for planning and preparing food and for exercise. And it worked!
Then i added my healthy lifestyle business because healthy lifestyle, products for mommy and baby and my weightloss are going hand in hand so i connected my private life with the business. My boyfriend is happy for that, before he was complaining I´m not wearing makeup and all the milion thigs what women should do according to his point of view. With my business his dream came true as i want to try all the products so it learned to take care about myself and to look and feel as a woman. (btw. while i write this article, we both have a cleaning mask on face).

And when all the aspects were working well, i wrote to my boss that i´m ready to start work again on online project. First 3 hours per week and slowly up to 10 hours. Again, i used my method write down – evaluate – decide what and how much – find a time – do it.

And it works :)

Great news! I´m oficially a mompreneur :)

Great news! My company Lifestyle Coach Marta Melichova is now officially registered and i have CVR number in Denmark :)

I´m having interviews with potential personal assistants because big plans requires big action.

As a mommy and enterpreneur (i really like the name mompreneur) i need to organize my schedule to be as effective as possible.

I´m also looking for people for my danish team and global team.

One great helper for the FIT project is already on the way, it´s called InBody 230 and it will tell you without a compromise wheter you are in perfect condition or .. not so well.

Why do I incredibly LOVE when others are offering me something?

Friends, this is not irony nor sarcasm, I am serious.salesarticle

I have to admit I would like to see your expressions.

Maybe you are thinking: “Isn’t that guy weird? How can anyone love when others are offering him something?”

If you do not do a business, then I understand. But if you work in sales, it is advisable to consider.

Everything is all about your point of view. It’s all just about the fight of your inner convictions.

The aim of the sale is that the counterpart shares the same idea as you do.

I had the honour to train one major financial group on the topic of calling and I put out the question: “How do you respond to product’s or service’s offering, when somebody calls you?”

One lady raised her hand and confidently replied: ” I don’t walk around them, I just tell them I don’t care at all.”

The ball was on my side that time because I had prepared perfect response.

I put out my question and made a match point. My question was:

“When you revoke the seller without knowing whether their product or service could have the value for you, why do you wonder then that people wouldn’t make an appointment with you even though you could help them?”


Surprising silence came up. 

You are standing on cross of streets and you have a freedom of choice to decide whether you would listen or not.

Either you go to the right and you’re going to behave within the whole thing like you can not stand the offers.


You go to the left and you’re going to accept the offer and I will show you specific benefits.

The purpose of this article is to damage your negative paradigm of calling and show it to you in brighter point of view.

If you can enjoy this, let’s get to next lines then.

Let’s think now:

I have 2 important questions for you:

The first heavy issue is: “What feelings I get when somebody offers me something and what does it cause to me?”

One of the reasons is bad feeling of rejecting (Especially when it is a friend with a good bid).
The second option – to tell the seller: “No, thank you, I am not interested.” – and this is like adding a fuel to the fire, which brings a tones of logical questions.

Not everybody is assertive, A lot of people know exactly that if they give you a reason, it will be a hook for seller so they have something to catch on and bring you back to the game. Indeed there is a warranted way how to refuse easily – either put down the phone or play the rough game, turn inward and stay firm, but then again, you would just close the way to the seller.

Now the question is: “How to do it smartly, so the seller has a good feeling even though he didn’t sell and you went out as a winner?” And additionally to do it in a way that he is on your side and you make your future cooperation real.

And now you are expecting that I would write it here.

As my friend Lenka says: “it doesn’t fit, it is unknown”. When I see you or talk to you, I will tell you. But don’t worry, you will get the value. I just can’t spoil you too much, dear reader.

Or second option: Aren’t those negative experiences the reason why you think: you actually bother people, don’t offer them anything. Multi level marketing (MLM) or being a seller is a mean work, there is going to be again somebody sending me somewhere and giving me obligate excuses why not to call right now.

Do you know those feelings?

First of all – golden rule: If I am a seller, I respect the other sellers then.

I disagree with a lot of people, too. But I respect them. Our business is never going to please everybody. Why you want to get people respecting you if you despise them? even tough the cooperation will not be established, but you will leave good impression – then your door is open.

Second of all: Think about it, what is the lifetime of the person working in MLM or business?

How many people do you know that could have sticked to the business more than 2 years? There is still fewer of them. If you keep good relations, the cooperation may turn out later. Every fruit has its maturing time and trust me – the best of them maturate the longest. The best wine maturates the longest and it is worth to wait.

Third: In case of realising selling by your recommended members, for sure there is going to be a little notice or revenge.

Fourth: the most important…
To those who write a comment on Facebook under post with this artcile, I write it in a private message as a reward.

So far, so good, catch you later :-)

author: Tomas Reznicek

Miracle day vol. 1 – Beauty

UPDATE – pictures from Miracle day are here: Gallery – 1st Miracle day

First Miracle day is here!
Where? Bagsværd (20 minutes from the centre of Copenhagen)
When? 23.5. 2015 at 14:00

Miracle day vol. 1 – Beauty: Skin care and make up from our guest – make up artist.

What to expect:

  • Refreshing drinks & healthy sweets or coffee and cake – your choice :)
  • We will try natural products: cosmetic – peeling, masks, creams and decorative cosmetics..
  • Our make up artist will help with style so you can go out for Saturday night with amazing look!
  • We will talk about natual cosmetics and about the vision of “Miracle – women’s paradise”.
  • You can win nice summer products and take product samples home.
  • Talk with nice girls and have a lot of fun :)

Still 2 places available – contact me on Miracle facebook and book your place (edit 21.5. – no places avialable for this event. Follow us and you are welcome to join our comming events)

Looking forward to see you!



Miracle place

Miracles happen, we just need to help them.

My dream is to open a big complex with amazing services. Everythig what comes on your mind: cosmetics and make up, hair, nails, fitness, dance, massage, spa, shops, life style coach, of course with babysitting..

Until the real place exists, i will organise events – Miracle days on different places. Topics will be Beauty, Health, FIT, and Business.

Do you like the idea? Support me by following my facebook page

Do you want to be part of my project or do you know someone who can be interested? Contact me :)

Stay tuned, more info comming soon!



Welcome to my most interesting web

Why was this web created? I want to motivate and help people.

I will write about:

  • Tips for mommies how to manage things and do more
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Loosing weight
  • Flexibility training – both rehabilitation and learning new skills from zero
  • Natural products
  • Network marketing business
  • Inspiration and motivation

Read more About me

Enjoy the reading and feel free to leave a comment or contact me!